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Know the facts on Brown Seaweed Extract before you buy supplements

Brown seaweed also knows as kelp seaweed is among the most powerful super food. One of its popular form is, Kombu Seaweed the king of sea vegetable.

Seaweed grows in three major types – Red Algae, Brown Seaweed and green/blue algae. Brown Seaweed Extract is the most popular of the three, since it has the most nutritional content of the three.  Popular types consumed by Japanese are Wakame, Kombu (Laminaria Japonica) and Mozuku.   The extract is extensively used in Asia (oriental medicine) for blood purification, intestinal strength, skin, hair, reproductive organs and menstrual regularity. Unfortunately science has not kept pace with the health benefits of Brown Seaweed Extract and there are only limited studies on the subject. But there is lots of Empirical evidence. Many people consume and experience great results with the nutritional benefits

The biggest among the benefits of Brown Seaweed Extract: It’s mineral content, principally Iodine.

Brown Seaweed Extract is very rich in sea minerals with the highest content of Iodine found in any food item on the earth. Iodine is extremely important mineral the body uses. Do you know that breast and Prostate gland tissues use iodine.  Correct Iodine level is necessary for Thyroid gland health that controls body metabolism. Is it a coincidence that Japanese ate tons of seaweed and green tea and their breast cancer rates are considerably lower compared to United States? The iodine in dry extract ranges from 500 to 1000 PPM. Simply converting this, 5 gms of Brown Seaweed Extract will provide in 500 to 1000 Uf based on the quality of . So one of the significant benefits are adrenal and thyroid health. It facilitates to improve thyroid function and address obesity and lymph issues

So How much Iodine do we need?

According to National academy of sciences, the recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for adult men and women is 150 μg/day. The median intake of iodine from food in the United States is approximately 240 to 300 μg/day for men and 190 to 210 μg/day for women. The Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL) for adults is 1,100 μg/day (1.1 mg/day), a value based on serum thyroptropin concentration in response to varying levels of ingested iodine.

The other key nutrient benefits of are that it has significant levels of calcium, magnesium, Iron potassium, and zinc content as well as A, C, B vitamins and glutamic acid. This can help to increase energy levels, Boost immunity and Improve liver function


Another great benefits is the existence of fucoidan which has great detoxification properties as well as fat burning properties.  Fucoidan is a sulfated polysaccharide and an antioxidant. Considerable pharmaceutical research has been done on fucoidan, on two forms: F-fucoidan, which is >95% composed of sulfated esters of fucose, and U-fucoidan, which is approximately 20% glucuronic acid. Fucoidan is now marketed as nutraceutical and food supplement. Brown Seaweed Extract has a good amount of protein in them and in terms of biological value comparable with animal protein. It also has sodium alginate. This helps to remove heavy metal particles form the body and functions as heavy metal detoxin. Algin,  carrageenan and ager are Seaweed Extract gels used for gastrointestinal health.  Among the other benefits of Brown Seaweed Extract is that it is a blood purifier, so help to heal arthritis. Brown Seaweed Extract is also being used to contain herpes virus

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Vege Caps or Gelatin Caps?

Vege caps does not seem advantageous compared to Gelatin form capsules. While vege-caps dissolve in water, they do not dissolve in acid, and instantly coagulate, capturing food in them. Our stomach is filled with acid. Gelatin capsules dissolve in the stomach. This permits the product they contain to stay longer in the active gastro-intestinal tract, to be better processed and to deliver their full spectrum of mineral properties. Also Vegetarian capsules lack naturally occurring protein. As a result, the stomach does not recognize a vegetarian capsule as food, so the capsule only dissolves in bile, in the lower GI tract.


The iodine content of the Seaweed here in USA varies significantly based on the quality of the seaweed you buy. The average Japanese eats around 13.8 mg of iodine per day with the vast majority of that iodine coming from seaweed that has been specifically grown and cultured to maximize iodine trapping in the seaweed. Make sure you buy the best quality Brown Seaweed Extract. Currently the market leader is Modiflian, manufactured by  Pacific standard distributors. They are a FDA approved facility and dominates the market because of the high quality of ingredient. The brown seaweed extracts are obtained from far eastern part of Russia, off the Asiatic part of the Siberian continent, near the Kuril Islands between Japan and Kamchatka. It is expensive and they don’t sell it directly, rather through a network of online and health food shops. A bottle of 90 capsules retails around 27$ and the retailers are strict about maintaining the pricing.  A bottle will last less than a month, with a dosage of 4 to 6 capsules, you need two bottles a month which works out to 55$ a month. Lower doses below 4 capsules are not likely to give desired results. But i would day considering the quality  of  Modifilan and the Brown Seaweed health benefits, it is worth it.  Pacific standard distributors list the following key benefits of their product

Organic Iodine feeds the Thyroid Gland, which controls metabolism and promotes maturation of the nervous system. Iodine is important for thyroid disorders, wherever under active or overactive.

Alginate is a natural absorbent of radioactive elements, heavy metals and free radicals. It has the unique ability of binding heavy metals and radioactive elements to its own molecules. As the Alginate cannot be broken down by the bile or saliva and cannot be absorbed by the body, it is secreted from the body together with the heavy metals and radioactive substances.

Fucoidan causes certain types of rapidly growing cancer cells to self-destruct.

Promoting apoptosis (self-destruction of cancer cells), Fucoidan helps to naturally eliminate harmful cells from organism.

Laminarin is a polysaccharide helpful in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. These elements, treasured in brown seaweeds, are enhanced by patented cold-temperature vacuum extraction technology, which does not break their molecular structure.

Side effects of Brown Seaweed Extract Supplements

Brown Seaweed extract supplements are high in nutrients and could cause nausea and diarrhea for some individuals. Sensitivity to iodine especially since the supplements has very high concentrations of iodine. This could lead to thyroid problems if Brown Seaweed Extract dosage is high. If you notice these symptoms, consult your physician immediately.

There are few studies on effects of on pregnant women. So don’t take it if you are Pregnant/nursing as it could not be safe.

Avoid Brown Seaweed extract supplements if you have hyperthyroidism. Since the thyroid is over active already it might worsen the situation, Also if you are taking other medication, consult a physician before taking the supplements since as it could interfere with the effectiveness of the medications.

Some forms of extract (like Kombu) are very high in potency so start with a very low dose and increase it gradually to the desired dose.

The above statements have not been evaluated by food and drug administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent skin disorders.The information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. It is important to seek the advice of a physician about any medical conditions or symptoms. It is also important to seek the advice of a physician, or other qualified health professional about the appropriateness of taking dietary supplements and their potential interactions with medications.

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